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Photography of “Brookfield”
Saturday, June 6th from 6-9:30pm


About the Photographer:Wells Horton is a Central New York landscape photographer taking the time to slow life down and capture the beauty of the rural landscapes. Other parts of the world hold stark beauty while New York State is filled with subtle beauty. Think of stark landscapes as beautiful landscape paintings done in acrylic or oil paints where New York as beautiful landscape paints done in watercolors. Wells mixes light, fog, color, and mood to display the subtle beauty of the area.

At Age 13 Wells said when he retired he would pursue landscape photography. Having lived in various areas within the State he has spent the past thirty years in the Sherburne area.

Wells Horton Photography:  http://wells-horton.smugmug.com


Paleontological Fossil Dig
Saturday, June 13th at 9 am

2015, Fossil Flyer







Patricia Hart digs for fossils (above), Ed Platt searches through a pile of rocks (below left), and program leader Adam Schoonmaker instructs on types of fossils on site (below right).

IMG_4339    DSC_9386


I Love Pollinators: A Native Garden Project
Tuesday, June 16th at 6:30pm

Garden Flyer 2Over two-thirds of all flowering plants rely on animals for pollination. Pollinators can be large or small, and all are essential to the ecosystem they are part of. Honey bees are one of the most well-known pollinators. Local native pollinators are just as important and are often over looked. How we manage our landscape can impact the diversity and density of these important organisms.

Sarah IMG_0278Freedman, Friends of Rogers Environmental Educator and a graduate student at SUNY Cortland, is designing and building a pollinator garden utilizing only native plants. In this picture shown to the right, Sarah shares knowledge and insight about the development of our new exhibit space and what one can do to benefit pollinators.