Friends of Rogers (FOR) is a nonprofit organization composed of dedicated supporters of the Rogers Environmental Education Center. Rogers Center was a fully funded, state operated education center from the late 1960s to 2010. Rogers Center was closed on December 31, 2010 after a reduction in New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) staffing and budgets.

The local community and those deeply connected to Rogers Center refused to let state budget cuts shut down their prized nature center, so in April of 2011, FOR signed an agreement with the DEC. This agreement allows us to carry on our environmental and educational mission through our annual community events, school programs, Adventure Camps, adult programs, and more!

Along with our programs and events, FOR continues to display a rich collection of NYS birds, provides interpretive exhibits, and maintains the many trails and trout ponds on 600 acres of NYS property without state funds.

By looking for new ways to engage our community and local businesses, we are able to weave our programs into everyday activities and remind our community that nature touches every aspect of our lives and well-being. We want to impart on our visitors the importance of environmental stewardship and empower them to create a healthier planet.

Rogers Center is much more than a nature center and trails, it’s a space of natural beauty that has grown from the love and support of our community. We support local businesses, events, and programs because we know that making the world a better place starts at home. Our mission is to provide outstanding education opportunities for all people to enjoy and to inspire them to protect our natural world. Here at Rogers Center, we hope to help our community find their niche, their role in the greater ecosystem. Every action matters, just like every dollar counts. Support Rogers Center as we continue to strive to enjoy, understand, and protect our natural spaces.