Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and care of sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals so that they can be released back to the wild.

Rogers Environmental Education Center is not a wildlife rehabilitation facility. If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned animal contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for what steps you should take, if any. It is illegal to possess a wild animal without a license. Specialized care is needed for these animals, such as proper food and/or formula, cages, diets, and medical treatment. The risk of injury, disease, and parasites can be harmful to untrained persons.

We do not provide guidance regarding wildlife rehabilitation.

Use the searchable database of Licensed New York State Wildlife Rehabilitators to find one in your area that accepts the animal you found

Please note: While all wildlife rehabilitators are licensed through New York State, they are not employees of the state. Rehabilitators volunteer their time to provide services to wildlife. Not all rehabilitators may be able to accept every injured or orphaned animal. Funding for the expense of rehabilitation (animal caging, veterinary care, medicine, food, etc.) comes from their own pockets. Remember, rehabilitators have jobs, families, and other duties besides wildlife rehabilitation. Please leave messages and wait patiently for them to call you back.