Brick Campaign Begins 2/11/21


Friends of Rogers offers a chance to leave your mark at Rogers Center with brick campaign.

Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center is giving you the opportunity to leave your mark at Rogers Center with the start of a Brick Campaign. Friends of Rogers will be dedicating a space near the front of the Visitor Center for Donor Bricks to be placed in the ground in a permanent patio area. This project coincides with the building updates and exhibit updates that will be unveiled in 2021. You will notice going forward that the logo and branding has been updated as well.

We now invite you to participate in the updates, by leaving your mark on the property at Rogers Center, the only way you can. Choose your message and art, or upload your company logo, for engraving on a red concrete brick in one of three sizes, 4×8, 8×8 or 12×12 inch bricks are available. Clip art is available for an extra fee with options including wildlife, activities, professions as well as member organizations and military logos. This is a great way to mark occasions such as a birth, graduation, marriage, or remembrance of a loved one. Celebrate you family’s love of camping, fishing, or hiking. Mark your corporate support of Friends of Rogers with your company name and logo. Your support of Friends of Rogers will be displayed for all our visitors to see, year after year.

Simon Solomon, Executive Director said, “This fundraising campaign ties in nicely to all the upgrades of the center. We expect to have the bricks in place in autumn of 2021, with room for continued expansion every year.” Plans for exact locations will be made each year going forward, depending on how many bricks supporter’s sponsor. The purchase of the brick is considered a donation, as the buyer does not receive the brick themselves. There is an option to purchase a 4×4 replica tile that donors can keep for an additional fee.

Orders start now and will be taken through July. Go to and look for the red brick tab in the top right of any page, or click here to go to the order form and select your options. You can also request a brochure or pick one up at Rogers Center. Staff is happy to help you with your order anytime, email Simon at or call the center at 607-674-4733 and leave a message. The patio installation is expected to be in September 2021. You can print the brochure using the link below.


Rogers Center is operated by Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers educational programs for people of all ages. The staff is currently working in shifts between home and the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center building remains closed to the public with the restrooms open Friday through Sunday 7 am-7 pm and during any programs.