Earth Day 2021

Get outside and celebrate!
Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd for 51 years now. Take some time around this day to get outdoors and notice the signs of spring. Budding trees and wildlife returning to the area remind us all of the cycles of life. What a great time to also be mindful of our part in keeping the planet healthy for the generations to come. Here are a few easy ideas for marking the occasion.

1.  Pick up liter

2.  Plant a tree

3.  Put up a Birdfeeder

4.  Create a water station for bees

5.  Look at ways to cut energy use at home

6.  Plan a Garden

7.  Build a Terrarium

8.  Start compost area

9.  Take a hike

10.   Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt, like the one you can print below!

Friends of Rogers Earth Day Scavenger Hunt