Executive Director’s Message May 2020


This ​spring, and the events that have piled on it, will no doubt make many of us think how we want to spend our ‘dash’. ​I write this during my ​fifth, ​ or is it now sixth​(?) ​week at home​, ​ juggling ​a balance of ​work​, family, and life ​during the Covid-19 health crisis. I am beginning to feel more like a ​groundhog ​wondering when it is time to come out of hibernation and​, yet I ​refuse to watch the movie Groundhog Day no matter what!

As the Rogers Center staff continue​s ​to plan and look forward to the warm, approaching ​summer days, we have watched many of you practice proper social distancing along the multiple miles of trails. There had been subtle talk concerning the closure of such NYS properties, however as of late April the property continues to be open and accessible! Please remember dogs are not permitted on property and that we are a carry-in/carry-out facility.

May is here​ – ​finally​! ​These past couple ​of months have been difficult with cold and dreary temperatures. ​And yet, April showers have brought May flowe​rs​, ​so plan a day hike on Cush Hill and look for wildflowers along the ‘Connector Trail’. May is also ‘renew your Membership month’ to support Rogers Center. ​ While gearing up this month for our upcoming summer season, we will be reaching out to you if your membership has recently expired. ​With our current public health crisis​, there is a real possibility ​that ​our annual Summer Adventure Camp program will be canceled due to health department regulations, or at least severely limited. If this is the case, we will be directly impacted as ​our summer ​camp​s ​provide direct support to offset our day to day operations. Membership also aligns with summer camp since so many families purchase a membership to reduce their cost of camp. ​A Rogers Center membership ​directly ​enhances ​our ability to maintain and keep the Rogers Center open​, so please consider supporting your local nature center today​!

As ​things improve, please ​consider an excursion to Rogers Center. The fish feeders continue to be filled ​ (remember to sanitize your hands after​) ​and our animal ​friends ​continue to visit property. Most recently we ​have been visited by a male​ African Goose from the next-door farm who has become quite fond of the geese (see picture​) ​. ​ A good example of making the most of his dash.

See you on the trails!

Simon M. Solomon – Rogers Center

Read “THE DASH” – ​a ​ poem by Linda Ellis