Message from the Director


Message from the director: 

February 1, 2023

“Winter is not a season, it is a celebration,” or so the saying goes. 

Here at Rogers, our resident geese greet the season with a clamor! From atop snow covered fields they coax the eagles from high up in the pines. Beneath them, muskrats dart from shore to shore, at home in the frigid water of the Chenango River. All around us, the black-capped chickadees sing their song of winter splendor. 

Free to howl, unencumbered by the leaves of greener seasons, the wind blows in from across the marsh and carries with it the tune of town. Hundreds of upstate citizens wait in anticipation. A marvelous mix of volunteers descend upon the center. The cacophony of winter wonder builds as Rogers prepares to celebrate. It is a crescendo of community support and all the species know… Winter Living Celebration is here!

This year, as Rogers celebrated, so too did I. Serenaded by the bells and whistles of wagon rides, I was reminded of what it means to be at home in every season. The companionship of fire and ice, the smell of hot apple cider, the warmth of community service on a cold winter day. It is remarkable, the extent of participation and care that Rogers inspires. We are stewards of more than the land, a lesson made evident by celebrations such as these. 

As we embark on another new year, we are also reminded that our environmental future will be different from the past. While we made due with wagon wheels where once we rode a sleigh, we missed the snow that helps to facilitate such a seasonal celebration. Rogers will adapt, as it always has, to serve our vast community of species. But winter provides us the time to pause and reflect on the changing world around us. We would do well to stop and listen.  

From all of us here at Rogers, we want to thank you for coming along for the ride this year and invite you to take part in as much as you can. Our school programs have been revitalized, our public programming runs throughout the year, and our media presence is on the rise, making it easier to follow along and participate. Our next seasonal spectacle, taking place on Earth Day, is one you won’t want to miss.   

Until next time, 

David W. Carson 

Executive Director