Nature Journaling at the River


June 11, 2023 – It was a beautiful day for the Second Sunday Scribblers.  We were a small but dedicated group this afternoon, and  Mother Nature provided us with some wonderful journaling  opportunities.

We started off at a favorite spot – the little causeway near the end of the Channels Marsh Trail.  We had fragrant water lilies blooming, fish splashing, green frogs calling, at least a half dozen species of birds singing, and phalanxes of common whitetail dragonflies patrolling.  We even watched a female dragonfly laying her eggs in the water!

From there we moved down the Boundary Trail to the Chenango River, where the water was low enough that we could sit right down there on the rocky shoals.  Warbling vireo, common yellowthroats, song sparrows and more serenaded us.  A snapping turtle was swimming in the shallows.  And I was fascinated by the river rocks.

Nature journaling is a wonderful way to be in the moment and record it.  Photography is great, but when we go out with our cameras, we often miss being “in the moment” because we are busy photographing it.  Many a vacation I have experienced only from the back side of a camera.  When you are nature journaling, though, you are immersed in the sounds, smells, textures and sights of the world around you – and you attempt to record it on  paper.

Thank you to Hilary and Jeff who joined me today – it was a good day to be out.