2020 Rogers Summer Adventure Camp Canceled

Regrettably, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue through the summer months at Rogers Center. With a strong desire to keep our campers, staff, and community safe, the decision has been made to cancel our 2020 Summer Adventure Camp.  The safety of our campers, staff, and families of our campers is our priority. Additionally, the time it takes to hire and prepare our summer camp counselors for a wonderful summer with your children is not insignificant. Because we don’t have a firm “return to normal” date, it is logistically impossible to prepare, particularly due to the staff training that must be accomplished to maintain our camp permit and ensure a safe and wonderful experience for your child. Factors well beyond our control, both known and yet to be determined, weighed heavily in our decision-making process. We continue to investigate ways to safely stay engaged in nature together and will continue to provide ways to recreate, educate and heal on property through our open trails and green spaces as we go about this spring and summer.

What makes Summer Adventure Camp at Rogers Center so exciting?

“That we get to spend time outside learning about nature and doing fun things like fishing, walking, playing games, and building forts with other kids. The counselors are a lot of fun and the programs are educational.”



The importance of personal and natural interactions at a young age cannot be overstated. Our Adventure Camp encourages both curiosity and exploration, helping campers learn more about themselves by making connections between the world they know and the patterns, movements, and colors around them.

Adventure Camp fosters connections to the environment while helping children develop a sense of place in the natural world as they discover who they are and their abilities. Campers interact with nature in hands-on ways through hiking, fishing, canoeing, and so much more. Our series includes school break camps in the winter and spring that run during holiday school closings. Campers conduct experiments, build shelters, learn to track animals, and participate in other activities inspired by the season. An increasingly popular alternative to traditional day care or staying with a sitter, these nature-oriented camps are hitting all-time attendance records.

Adventure Camps follow the NYS Department of Health Children’s Camps regulations.