Shredding Event at Rogers Center Sponsored By Preferred Mutual 6/11/22 9 am -12 pm


Preferred Mutual is sponsoring a FREE shredding event at Rogers Center Main Parking lot on June 11th from 9 am to 12 noon. Up to 5 file boxes of paper per person, drive up and our volunteers will unload and dump your boxes into the bin. You can keep your empty boxes or we will recycle them for you.  If you have file cabinets full of old papers, receipts, bank books, etc. we want to shred them. The truck will destroy your documents, bank records, tax records, etc. on site.  ConfiData then uses the shredded paper to make other recycled products, such as fast food drink holders. Donations are accepted, no registration is required.

This event is the same day as Get Outdoors Day at Rogers Center from 10 -2 pm.