The Value of a Healthy Environment


Oh my, it’s already July!! Is it really summer? With such unseasonably autumn-like air and spring rain, one really needs to stay on track with the calendar to know which month of the year it is! While I was writing this month’s newsletter, I felt intrigued to do some research of my own regarding past weather trends. Historic logs have shown that our average temperature and quantity of precipitation has substantially increased; spikes in temperature became much more prevalent after about 1985 and the number of spikes of precipitation has followed ever since 1995. The weather graphs really look no different than the trends of the stock market; however, an above normal increase in the stock indexes is much better received than an above normal increase in the temperature/ precipitation indexes. Of course, the yearly trends of warm/cool, dry/wet always eb and flow, yet historically speaking, the trends show an increase across the board.

What can we do to be cognizant of our environment? We can continue to educate our children, our future stewards of the land! Whether it be by enrolling your child and or family member in one of our Rogers Center Summer Adventure Camps July 1st – August 23rd, or by simply visiting property and doing a walk and talk with your family about the importance of preserving a healthy environment. Make it double the pleasure while hiking the trails or eating a picnic lunch at one of the many picnic tables peppered about on property.

Right now our summer staff is gearing up for camp, and all twelve camp counselors will ensure your child or family member becomes entrenched in “the Rogers Way” while hopefully not getting drenched while out on the trails this summer! Regardless, Rogers is rip roaring ready to go with the trails open and accessible for you to experience YOUR very own nature day.

Have a safe and Happy Independence Day!!! See you on the trails,