Points of Interest

Points of Interest

The Bird Cabin

Home of the Chenango Bird Club

Near the main parking area, The Bird Cabin is open upon request. Inside sits the George Lesser Bird Collection. This collection of taxidermy birds was purchased by Rogers Center with help from the Mid-York Conservation Fund in 1968. It contains over 100 specimens from more than 60 species.  If you are interested in seeing the George Lesser collection or using the Bird Cabin for your event, contact the Visitor Center.  Winter 2023 UpdateThe Bird Cabin is undergoing rennovations this winter and is currently closed to the public.

Trout Ponds

Located to the Left of the Main Parking Lot

The Rogers Center Trout Ponds have been a favorite destination for generations.  Visitors can observe and feed brook, rainbow, and brown trout, donated by the Aquaculture Center at Morrisville State College. There are two fish feeders located by the ponds that provide you with a handful of food for a quarter. You can also purchase fish food in the Gift Shop (8oz for $1.08 or 16oz for $2.16). The food is for fish only, and it is important to never feed fish food, or any food, to wildlife. This can cause sickness, and increases their risk of injury from humans.

Visitor Center

Offices for Friends of Rogers Staff, Exhibits & Classrooms

Our main center of operations for Friends of Rogers, the Visitor Center houses our indoor classroom, gift shop, restrooms, interactive exhibits, and a taxidermy collection of birds and mammals. Stop in to fill your water bottle and visit the gift shop before or after you hike the Channels Trail.

The Farm Tower

Hilltop Structure with View of the Valley

No visit to Rogers Center is complete without a hike up to the Farm Tower.  The trailhead is accessed across Route 80 from the Rogers Center parking lot.  The trail takes you up the hill along a mowed grassy path, rewarding you with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside from the deck of the tower.  Additional trails continue from the tower, showcasing some of the woodlands and the wildlife that thrives in edge communities.

The Adams Farm Trails

Just down Route 80 from Rogers Center

Turn right as you exit our parking lot and head down Route 80 about half a mile. Make right onto Williams Road, and you will see the parking area for the Adams Farm Trails on your right.  These hiking trails bring you along man-made ponds where you can see eagles and other wildlife.  Looping back through the woods, you’ll pass through a beautiful stand of hemlocks, and also encounter two lean-tos, just perfect for taking a break and having a snack.  Spring wildflowers and autumn mushrooms are great highlights along these trails.

Cush Hill

A Short Drive from Rogers Center

Cush Hill is another gem of trails located near Rogers Center.  This property boasts an American chestnut plantation, and four trails:  the Conifer Loop, the Summit Trail, Hillside Trail and a Connector Trail that links them all together.  Known locally as a robust climb, you can expect a good workout when hiking Cush Hill.  To access the trails, turn left out of the Rogers Center parking lot, and take the first right, Bingham Road.  In about a quarter mile, continue straight on an unimproved road, going up the hill.  The main parking area is on your left, and you will see a trailhead kiosk.  There is a second unmarked parking area on your left before you reach the main trailhead – you will see a sign for the Connector Trail at this pull-off.


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