Want to see the Tesla?


The 2020 Electric Car Raffle is underway and we have been showing the TESLA Model S to visitors at Rogers Center as well as cruise-ins and Markets in the area. It has been greeted with curiosity and amazement when people look in the front trunk and the back trunk and still don’t see a motor. We have been educating people on driving a fully electric vehicle and where to charge. We have found that charging at home using a 110 outlet gives you about 50 miles of battery life overnight. While using the Superchargers in places like  Oneonta or Utica take about an hour and cost about $12 on your Tesla account. Driving this fully electric, zero emission vehicle is so much fun and easy to maintain. The luxury features, such as auto-adjusting headlights and windshield wipers, add to the pleasure of driving this sporty, yet roomy car. If you would like to see the car for yourself, we have it on display at the Visitor Center when Staff is on property, until we re-open the center. You can make an appointment to meet us at the center for a personal tour of the car too.  We can also do a lunch and learn at your business during the week for your staff. Contact Heather Tehan at development@friendsofrogers.org for more details and to book your appointment today. For more details, see the raffle page on this website at https://friendsofrogers.org/raffle/